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B&B KEIGHLEY LICENSED GUEST HOUSE, is conveniently situated on the South Shore of Blackpool, just a two minute walk from Blackpool South Promenade, South Pier, the Blackpool Sandcastle, and a five minute walk from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We are situated only a short bus ride, tram ride, or a leisurely stroll to Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Town Centre, and the  Blackpool Famous Golden Mile. Your hosts Ray and Gill offer you a warm welcome to Keighley House, where we supply Quality Accredited Accommodation at reasonable prices. Ray and Gill have also maintained a 'Welcome to Excellence' certificate in conjunction with the 'Regional Tourist Board' since the status began.

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Gill and Ray have both had many years experience working together as a husband and wife team at Keighley House in Blackpool,  and Gill has also held a Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management for many years. We are licensed to residents, and our lounge hosts a well stocked bar where you can enjoy a game of pool, watch TV, enjoy a conversation, or even just relax and unwind after a hectic day out. Bed and full English breakfast is available to all our guests, although an alternative can be provided if notified in advance.

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All our rooms are en-suite with private shower and toilet, TV, and tea and coffee facilities. Rooms are serviced daily, and soap and towels are provided. In our B&B we also have two rooms available on the ground floor, with relatively easy access via the front door, where there are two small steps  and a hand rail on either side for those who require a little help.

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Parking facilities are available on request. Each room receives personal keys so that you may come and go as you please, and we will endeavour to make your stay with us in Blackpool an enjoyable occasion. A Full Price List is available on the Tariff page for your perusal. If you have any questions or if you would like to make a reservation, please just give us a ring on 01253 342506, or simply click on the e-mail link at the top of the page. (Please note that as we are often quite busy, it may be quicker to just give us a ring).

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Keighley House    82 Withnell Road     Blackpool    FY4 1HE

Tel: 01253 342506    


No price increase for 2016 - Guaranteed!!

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Blackpools' name originates from the existence of a peat-bog stream which ran along by the airport into the sea. Because the peat discoloured the stream which flowed down to the sea, it became known locally as the 'Black Pul', later to evolve into the name of Blackpool. As Blackpool is actually built on reclaimed land from the sea, many houses and buildings are built on sand, and our very own property 'Keighley House' is also built on sand. Only 400 years ago Blackpool was just a collection of small crofts dotted around with nothing more than the sandhills to protect them from the sea and the elements. In the late 18th Century, Blackpool became the place to visit for the wealthy, and it was considered that the sea and fresh air was very good for promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as fighting off diseases. A private road into Blackpool was built by Thomas Clifton and Sir Henry Houghton, and Blackpool could then boast an easy access for the coaches. Coaching houses were provided for the visitors and the beginnings of Blackpool as a seaside town began to develop. Blackpool Railway Station was then developed to form a connection with the main line that was already in place, providing a new access to the resort, and also opening up opportunities to visitors from further afield.

North Pier was the first Pier to open in 1863 just before the arrival of piped water in 1864,  Central Pier in 1868, and South Pier was opened in 1893. Blackpool became a Corporation in 1876 when a Mayor was elected and the town was born officially. Blackpools' Winter Gardens was opened in 1878. Another major step forward was the introduction of the revolutionary electric light in 1879, and visitors came in droves to see this new phenomenom. Guest Houses started to appear with the arrival of these luxuries, and the traditional 'Boarding House' became a feature on Blackpool Promenade. Keighley House was built in 1898 and most of the Guest Houses in Blackpool were all built around the same time as the demand for places to stay increased dramatically. 

 Blackpool Promenade was built and finished by 1870, closely followed by the North Promenade in 1893, and then the first Promenade  was widened from 1903-5. Blackpool Tramway was the next amazing feature to be built in 1885,  and people came from miles away to experience a ride along the seafront in a Tram, and then to walk along the Promenade in their finery and best clothes. Blackpool Tower was completed in 1894, and this fantastic masterpiece that could be seen from miles away (and still is to this day), was to become Blackpools' primary trademark as it towered above the Golden Mile. Blackpool Opera House was opened in 1889, and Blackpool had now become famous for the very same reasons that exist today. 

During the earlier years of the 19th Century Blackpool began to expand  at quite a rate, and Henry Banks along with John Cocker began to develop new Buildings in the area. Blackpool was now the proud owner of a Town Hall, and the Grand Theatre was completed in 1904 (The Grand Theatre has now been restored to its original glory). The turn of the century made a huge impact on Blackpool when Blackpool Pleasure Beach was started in 1900, with the arrival of a Gypsy caravan, a Big wheel, a Helter skelter, and the Airplane ride (which is the only original ride still on the Pleasure Beach). Blackpools' 1st Cinema was built around 1905, and the Illuminations were swiched on in 1912, although they only had a short debut as they had to be switched off again as the 1st World War began. Blackpool Carnival was formed in 1923, and Stanley Park was opened to the public in 1926, followed by Tussauds in 1929.

By this time Blackpool was a thriving Seaside town and everybody who was anybody wanted to be seen here. People came from all walks of life, and they strove to be the first to see Blackpool Tower as they approached on their trip to the seaside. Many would only come for the day, and that would be the only day of holiday that they would experience all year, to be remembered for many months afterwards. My own father remembered coming to Blackpool for the day with the 'underprivelaged children', just to spend the day at the now demolished childrens' home on the sandhills at Squires Gate. The more affluent of society could afford to stay for a few days, and so the Guest Houses and Hotels encouraged more business to the town.

Blackpool is still a town in its own league, and a new Century brings many new ventures with it. The 1990's provided the Hounds Hill shopping centre, Blackpool Sandcastle, the Sealife centre, just to name a few of the more recent attractions and provisions. Today Blackpool still attracts many visitors for many different reasons; weekend breaks, mid-week breaks, daytrips, conferences, staged attractions, and many more including people in search of a better future, opportunities, and even still for health reasons with the fresh air in abundance. No matter what reason, Blackpool is still the best place to be, and be assured that you will always be welcomed with open arms and a warm reception.





























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